Sunday, September 8, 2013

Office Tour

I spent lots of time this summer setting up and organizing my office. I want students to feel happy and comfortable when they visit me. Take a look!

Reading/carpet area. I plan to utilize this space during small group sessions. I love how cozy and inviting it is.

My desk! Students and adults can opt to sit in the fun green comfy seat, or desk chairs while we chat.

The "Get inspired" wall with motivational posters. During both individual and group sessions I make reference to these sayings. This is a great way to spark discussion with students who are hesitant to talk at first. I ask students what poster they like best and why. 

I found these gems at the Christmas Tree Shop of course! How can you not smile when you read these? 

My wall of goodies. To maximize time with students I have all my important paperwork organized and hanging right in front of me. 

 The view from my desk. Note, my office is a classroom divided into two rooms with a chalkboard wall as the divider. Students love to draw and write on this board. I also use it to highlight goals and objectives for small group sessions.

Organizational bins are a must! As you see from the pictures above, I don't have a ton of storage space. I use these bins to hold student folders. They are organized by grade.

I created the Miss Lemberg's Rules board last year. I left it in place to remind students about confidentiality!

Having a bright, clean, organized, and happy room is essential for me. I am excited to work in this space everyday.

What is important for you to have in your office?