Monday, December 23, 2013

Class Lesson -"What I Am"

Have you heard the song "What I am" by Will I am and Sesame Street? It is adorable!

I created the following lesson to use in conjunction with this song for grades k-3. Here are the details:

Lesson Objectives
1. Students will gain self awareness


To begin the lesson ask students to think of positive words that describe themselves. As an example, I tell students "peaceful" is a word that describes me. As students tell you their words, jot them down on the board. You will refer back to them later.

Next, play the What I am Card Game. Explain that each card contains a word that can describe who we are.  Ask for volunteers to pick a card and read the word aloud. Instruct students that if the word describes them they are to stand up. Repeat this until all the cards are read. As cards are read hang them on the board to refer back to later.

When the game is over tell students that it is now time to listen to a fun song called What I am. Encourage students to listen for some of the positive words that we talked about in the game.

To reinforce student's self awareness pass out this worksheet for grades K & 1, and this worksheet for grades 2 &3. Students can refer to the words that were brainstormed in beginning of the lesson and the card game.

To close the lesson play the song one more time and encourage students to sing and dance along! This is a super fun lesson that students and teachers will love (I promise)!

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