Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recess and Cafeteria Rules

Does your school tend to have "problems" arise during recess and lunch time?

Being new at my school last year I noticed my office would clog up with students right after recess and lunch trying to talk to me about an issue that had just occurred. I started to feel completely overwhelmed in the afternoons.  

One of my goals this school year was to cut down on the amount of recess and lunch time panic visits. To do this, I created cafeteria and recess rules. I created large posters and hung them up in the cafeteria. I reviewed them during the first week of school everyday. 

These seemingly simple posters have really cut down on the amount of after lunch visits to my office.

Feel free to use these rules at your school!


  1. I'm going to share your cafeteria rules poster with my principal. It's so noisy in there at lunch and our lunch aides who supervise need help. Maybe she'll implement something like this. Thanks for sharing!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. I am having a portable cafeteria outside of a school in Dublin. I have to say that there is big necessity of rules and strictness but unfortunately I am not an authoritative person who can make the rules for big children outside of the school. Big boys always look for messing up with their school mates. Thanks to God that I am having a portable Cafetaria, soon I am going to shift it in-front of an MNC office. Just waiting for the approval. Portable canteens are less expensive and you can also shift them according to the place and crowd. You can see some by visiting below URL-