Friday, November 29, 2013

Kindness Raffle

In an effort to promote kindness amongst the student body I started a kindness raffle. Teachers are asked to award students a kindness ticket if they catch he or she doing an act of kindness for another peer or staff member. 

Either the student or the teacher fills out the raffle ticket with the student's name, homeroom teacher, and a brief description of the kind act that was performed. Students are asked to place completed raffle tickets in the raffle basket that is located in the main office. Every Friday afternoon I choose five tickets out of the basket. I then do a "kindness broadcast" announcing the five winners and their acts of kindness

When introducing this initiative to my staff I emphasized the importance of having the students write down the act of kindness they performed. This reflection is not only important for the student receiving the ticket, but also for the entire student body listening to the broadcast. It is my hope that reading these descriptions will help students to truly get an idea of what a kind act looks like, feels like, sounds like, etc.

The five winners are awarded these adorable shirts that the generous PTO at my school purchased for this program. Honestly, aren't these t-shirts just fantastic?

This is a fun and easy program to implement that can have a big difference on the climate in your building.  

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