Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Lesson on Cooperation!

Lesson Objectives:
1. For students to learn the definition of cooperation.
2. For students to learn the behaviors associated with being cooperative.
3. For students to practice being cooperative in order to complete a task.

Materials Needed:
1. 6"x6" pre-cut construction paper squares (multiple colors)
2. An Our Cooperation Quilt paper 
3. Stapler
4. Copies of the Cooperation worksheet

This lesson is best for grades 2-5.

To begin I read the following letter to provide structure for the lesson (all my class lessons follow the Responsive Classroom format):
Next, we review the definition of cooperation. I ask students to share a time in their lives where they showed cooperation in order to complete a task. Some of the responses I typically receive are:
  • "Helping my family cook dinner".
  • "Working on a class project with a friend".
  • "Working as a team to win a sports game".
  • "Helping my mom hang a picture".
  • "Cleaning my room with my brother".
I follow up each student's response by asking them, "What did you do to work together"? Did you talk to each other? Listen to each others ideas? Compromise? Encourage each other? Take turns?  Distribute this worksheet to review the behaviors associated with being cooperative.

After the discussion period, I then move into the first cooperative activity. To do this, break the class into partners, and have them find a space in the classroom where they can sit down. Ask students to sit with their backs against each other and link arms. Tell students that their task is to stand up at the same time with out unlinking their arms. Give students about 3-5 minutes to try and do this.

Bring the class back together and process this experience with them. Use the following process questions:
  1. What was the easiest thing about doing this activity? What was the hardest?
  2. If you were not able to stand up, what do you think stopped you?
  3. If you were able to stand up, how did you do this?
  4. Which behaviors (from the worksheet) did you use when showing cooperation to complete this task? 
The next activity is to create a cooperation quilt. Distribute a square of construction paper to each student. Ask students to draw and/or write about time where they showed cooperation with a friend, family member, teacher, etc in order to complete a goal or a task. 

Collect each square and staple them all together to create a cooperation quilt. Staple this sign to your quilt for completion. 
Close the lesson stating, "when we all work together and show cooperation we can achieve great things"!

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