Sunday, February 10, 2013

Check Your Listening Skills!

My classroom guidance lesson this month focused on being a GREAT listener. To do this I tailored Naomi Drew's fabulous lesson called "Reflective Listening" from her amazing book "No Kidding About Bullying".

Here is the letter I wrote to my students to introduce the topic and objectives for our class meeting.

After greeting and sharing news, I used Naomi Drew's questionnaire to pre-test my student's listening skills. We then discussed their results, and I asked students why being a good listener is important. Many students responded, "to keep us safe", "to get good grades", "to not get detention", etc. 

Draw from their responses and emphasize that listening is a skill that EVERYONE needs to practice (sometimes even adults). Next, go over the 5 Steps To Be A GREAT Listener. Chose a student to read each step and take a minute or two to explain it. 

Once the students understand The 5 Steps the real fun can begin! Pair students up to interview each other. During the interview students ask each other three questions while practicing the 5 Steps

To close the lesson, check student's listening skills by asking pairs to volunteer and share their partners responses. 

As a parting gift leave the 5 Steps To Be A Great Listener poster!