Monday, January 28, 2013


My bookmark toolbar is so over crowded its become quite the chore to click through all the blogs I read looking for updates. This predicament has totally taken all the fun out of one of my more enjoyable hobbies. One afternoon I was chatting with a friend about my dilemma when she suggested that I use Bloglovin

Bloglovin is an amazing website that allows you to follow the blogs you read by letting you know when they update! Additionally, you can organize your blogs into folders by category (you know how I just LOVE to organize and categorize). So for instance, I have my school counseling blogs, food blogs, home decors blogs, etc all separated into different folders. Below is a screen shot of the school counseling blogs I follow. The blogs with current updates are listed from top to bottom on the left, along with a preview of the new post on the right. 

Bloglovin has helped me make effective use of my reading time by streamlining all my blogs into one website (no more over crowded bookmark toolbar for me). There is even an app for the iphone and ipad so I can check my blogs on the go. 


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  1. I'll have to check it out. I currently use Google Reader, which allows you to have categories, highlights blogs with new posts, and shows previews of the posts.

    I wonder if I could import my blog roll...I'll have to play with it and see.