Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hurricane Relief Resources

Hopefully you will never experience a hurricane like Sandy, but if you do here are some great resources to refer to in the aftermath.

1. Sesame Street's Hurricane Kit. This kit provides an hour long video about Big Bird loosing his home after a hurricane. I showed this video to a group of 5th graders and they really connected with it. After the video use follow up questions to foster a discussion.

2. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network puts out an After the Hurricane: Helping Young Children Heal handout for parents and teachers. I really like this because it is brief and to the point. This is great to send home to families and also place on the parent bulletin board.

3. Also from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network the Teacher Guidelines for Helping Students after a Hurricane is a great handout to give teachers or other staff members in your building.

4."After the Storm" is by far my favorite resource that I have come across yet. It is filled with worksheets, activities, and discussion starters to use with young children and is easily adaptable to use with teens. I have shared this with parents, teachers, and used their worksheets with students in my office. This document is definitely one you should bookmark or save!

5. The Windy Rainy Stormy Terrible Night is a book that talks about the emotions children feel after a hurricane.

6. The New York Times Learning Network shares lesson plans that teachers or counselors can make use of.

7. Lastly, stay positive for your students, fellow colleagues, and families they need you! Remember, "there's always a rainbow after the storm".

These are just a few of the resources that I have tapped into over the past few weeks. What hurricane or diaster resources you have used?


  1. Wow, LOVE After the Storm. Thanks so much for taking time out of what must be a very, very busy and stressful time for you to share these resources with all of us. I hope things are going okay and that everyone is able to have a little more normalcy now that school is back in session. Take good care of yourself.


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