Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exciting News...

I have decided to take a school counselor position at a PK-7 school closer to home! I am very excited to shorten my commute-I can walk now!! However, I am sad to leave all my former students and staff members behind. 

The decision to switch schools was not an easy one. I absolutely loved working at my old school. It was such a positive and fun experience. I learned SO much not only about being a school counselor, but about myself, and what I am capable of doing. For this, I will be forever grateful. However, like with anything new, it is always a little bit scary! Plus, the thought of starting all over again feels daunting. 

However, I must accentuate the positive! The population of my new school is very similar to my old, and I have the "formula" for what it takes to have a successful comprehensive school counseling program. 

I plan to take all my experience, knowledge, and energy, and put it to use at my new school.

Have you switched schools before? If so, what advice can you give?


  1. Yes - unfortunately I was laid off during budget cuts (all counselors were) and I was forced to give up my school that I was invested in. It was devastating. Although it can be frightening sometimes to make the change, it always works out! Some tips - always smile, chat it up, be firm with your role/expectations but flexible with Admin, keep your head to the ground, show up for some events, people will think you are "new" even though you are not new to your profession so teach others about your role as a counselor... and good luck! Nothing beats working closer to home. I made that change last year as well.

  2. Thank you for your tips-they are great!!

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