Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goal Update

Remember Goal 4 from my Goal Guru post?

Goal 4: Communicate via the internet with parents, staff, and other counselors.

Update #1-I am proud to say that I have been making good use of my school's webpage to get out important information to parents about my program.  I post all letters and flyers that I send home on my website.  Additionally, I post the character word weekly to encourage parents to use this language with their students at home.

Most importantly, I am able to clearly describe the counseling services mission, and explain the components of my comprehensive proactive preventive school counseling program! I have the Peace Pledge and a description of Peace Pals posted for parents to review as well.

Currently, I am working on creating a resource page for parents. I would like to have links to websites, books, and articles that can help parents educate their "whole" child.

How do you use your school website?  Please share your ideas here!


  1. While we have a good district website, the way they have it set up for us to update our own staff/teacher pages is maddening. We have to send our updates in to a lady at the ESD who updates them from her computer. Needless to say, I don't use it, and the information that is up there right now is still there from the previous counselor. Luckily, I still have my blog, wiki, and social media for school counseling stuff, but the vast majority of parents don't see that stuff.

  2. Rick-what are your thoughts about sharing your blog with parents in your district?

  3. I'm more than happy to share it with whoever comes along and wants to read it. :-)

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