Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The DANGER zone!

When talking to students about anger try using this play on words to drive the point home:

  • Write the word ANGER on a piece of paper.  Ask student to read the word aloud. 
  • Then add a D in front of the word ANGER to make the new word of DANGER.  Ask student to read the new word aloud. 
  • Say to the student the word ANGER is only one letter away from the word DANGER.  Emphasis that it is a normal feeling to get angry, but you can not let your ANGER take you to the DANGER zone!  
This is also a great introduction or conclusion to a  class lesson about anger management. 

Would you try this with your students?

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  1. I think I WILL try this though I'm not sure how or when, yet. . . . small group? Whole-class guidance? One on one??

    Thanks for the cool idea . . . so much potential . . . happy 2012!

    The Corner On Character