Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Gonna Like Me

I am using Jamie Lee curtis and Laura Cornell's book I'm Gonna Like Me to talk to k-2 students about self esteem. This books is very cute and gives students concrete examples of different things they can like about themselves. I especially like that the authors emphasis you should still like yourself even if you make a mistake, or get picked last in gym.

After I complete the book I ask students to share one thing that they like about themselves. After that students complete this paper to bring home and show their families.  I encourage students to draw at least four different things they like about themselves.

It is never to early to begin talking to kids about self esteem, and using I'm Gonna Like Me is a great conversation starter!

PS-Ask students if it fills their bucket to say things they like about themselves!

PPS-A great follow up lesson is talking about compliments!

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