Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Community Resource Binder

I put together a Community Resource Binder in order to have easy access to different resources families can utilize in my school community.


I have tabbed the binder into following resource categories:

1. Support groups for parents
2. Support groups for students
3. Mental health providers in the county and their contact information
4. Crisis Counseling Services
5. My School Counseling Services brochure 
6. Extra curricular activities 

I have made copies of the different brochures and flyers showcasing the resources above. When I meet with a parent I always bring my binder with me, so I can send them home with tangible resources to refer back to. 

Keeping all your community resources and contacts in one binder is a great way to stay organized! Do you have a Community Resource Binder?  


  1. Actually I am working on one now. It will count as a grade at the end of the semester. Do you have any helpful forms that counselors use that I could include? Everything that I can get will be very helpful & much appreciated. =)

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