Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bullying Contract

I LOVE to use contracts with students for a few reasons.  First, they tend to take them very seriously especially when you ham it up, and say this is an "official" document.  Secondly, they are GREAT to refer back to if the same student finds themselves in a similar situation for a second time.  You can always say, "hey, you knew the consequences"! Lastly, it is a tangible item you can share with other staff members and families.

Check out the google doc of the Bullying Contract I made to hold students accountable for their actions when they find themselves involved in a bullying situation.  The contract clearly outlines the actions that are not acceptable, and the consequences that will be given if the student demonstrates the aforementioned actions.

I always have the student fill out the contract as part of accepting responsibility for their actions.  Once the contract is signed, I make copies to share with appropriate parties.

What are your thoughts on using contracts with students?


  1. We use a contract at our school for all sorts of conduct infractions!! The kids really do buy into it!

  2. We have in the past, and this is a reminder that it's a good tool to use sometimes. I think it probably has the most impact when you have parents on board.

    PS, please open up your comments for us to post as name/url! None of the options here really work for me.


  3. I totally agree! I always try to call parents to them know about the contract.

    Rick-I think I fixed it. Thanks for the tip :)