Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What does a School Counselor do?

I use the heart box below to talk to students about my role at school.  I fill it with different items that are symbolic for a school counselor's responsibilities. 

The HEART BOX is a symbol for loving and caring. School counselors love and care about ALL students

An ICE PACK cools you off when your hot.  School counselors cool you off when your angry or mad.

A WATERING CAN helps flowers grow.  A school counselor helps students grow and learn about themselves!

SUNGLASSES protect your eyes and see things in a different light.  School Counselors protect their students, and help them see their problems in a new way.

TISSUES are used to your dry eyes.  School Counselors wipe away your tears when your sad.

EARPHONES are used for listening to music.  School Counselors listen to students when they are happy, angry, sad, etc.

BAND-AIDS are for when you get a boo boo. School Counselors can help you when you have a boo boo on your heart(Place band-aid on heart box for a visual).

This is a fast and effective lesson to market yourself and program!!! Let everyone know ALL the WONDERFUL things you do!

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