Thursday, September 1, 2011


I mentioned in my first post that organization in the school counseling world is everything! I can't emphasize enough how imperative it is to get organized and set the foundation in the beginning to prepare for the second half.  To help set my foundation I like to sketch a tentative timeline of the important things I want to accomplish each month. 

Nothing gives me more joy then crossing a "to do" off my timeline at the end of each month :)

Here's a peak of some of my "to do's" for September:

1. Hold a lunch group for students new to school

2. Organize after school groups

3. Class lesson to introduce myself, program, and Bucket Filling Campaign

4. Communicate to parents and staff my goals for the coming school year

5. Set up bulletin boards

I can check off number 5 already.  Check out my character word of the week bulletin board below!


  1. How you implementing bucket filling? I have taught the books to K - grade 3 so far. I will teach grades 4 & 5 this week. I am using morning show, bulletin boards, and newsletters to get the word out. I have a photo story in the planning stages. Any suggestions?

  2. In grades k-4 I am reading the book to the students. Then asking them to draw a picture of them filling someone elses bucket. I will then staple these papers together so each class has their own Bucket Filling Book. I bought an actual bucket for each class as a visual symbol for the students to remember to fill a bucket every day. I will then ask teachers to be on the look out for students who are "filling buckets". These students will be given "I am a Bucket Filler" certs.

    The teacher will report weekly to me if they gave out any certs, and I will read the "bucket fillers" names weekly on the morning announcements.

    Does that help Deanna? What do you mean by a photo story? I am intrigued please tell :)