Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Statement

I thought it was important that I create a mission statement for the Counseling Services program I created at my school.  I use this statement to shape my program and it is the very essence of my beliefs about school counseling.

The Counseling Services Department at ANY School USA aims to create a “Community of Peace” by helping all students, staff, and parents capitalize on their strengths, and reach high levels of academic and personal achievement. The program consists of a variety of proactive services including individual and group counseling, classroom guidance, parent and teacher consultation, referral services, and community outreach. 

This statement is displayed on my school website, and in my office. 

Do you have a mission statement for your program? 


  1. I don't have a mission statement, but this is a great idea and yours is very well thought out! Nice Job! This would be a great idea to implement especially with all of the educational budget cuts! Thanks for the idea!!

    1. I was curious about what you said about not having a mission statement. I assume you are indicating that your department does not have one, but I guess your school does.

      There is more and more evidence in the importance of clear and accurate mission statements and how they impact organizations. It is also a way to keep yourself, and other with whom you work, focused on common goals. Good luck in your development of a mission statement!

  2. There aren't many blogs that address mission statements, and I know quite some time has passed since you wrote this, but I was wondering if there was any data analyzed in creating your statement? Some of what I have been learning in graduate classes is the importances of learning how your clients or customers view what they experience and using that information to capitalize on the mission.

    We also learn how the mission can actually drive the work, rather than working for the mission statement. Would you have any comment on that? In my organization, we often get away from reflecting not our mission statement and begin to head in slightly different directions.

    I think what you have is great, by the way! Just wondering how you came up with it.


    Hunter Smith