Friday, September 2, 2011

C.A.R.E.S Peace Pledge

 Every Morning the following pledge is recited during the morning announcements. A pledge is a FANTASTIC reminder to of the behavior we expect at school.

I pledge to keep the peace at ---- School
I will show Cooperation my listening to the rights of others
I will be Assertive, respecting my own rights and other peoples rights
I will be Responsible doing what I must
I will show Empathy by caring for the feelings and rights of others
I will practice Self control, having control, over my thoughts and actions
Every day, everywhere keeping the peace buildings my character

The "peaceful" character traits emphasized in the pledge spell out the word CARES(how great is that). Also, notice the picture of the world with children holding hands around it.  Does this look familiar to you? It is the same logo on the carpet in my office!  Stay tuned to find out the programing and the marketing I have done using the pledge as my foundation.

Does your school have a pledge?  How do you remind students of the behavior expected at school?


  1. In our preK-3rd building, we have a character pledge that we recite each day to promise one another: I will make good choices today. I will respect myself, my teachers, and others, and give my best effort in all I do.

    LOVE the Peace Pledge! We've started using a Peace Room to help kids who need a safe space to cool down and regroup - just something about the word PEACE that makes it different somehow.

    Happy School Year!
    The Corner On Character

  2. Barbara-your pledge sounds cute and effective too!