Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Year, Same Beliefs

As the new school year closes in, it is easy to become overwhelmed thinking about the year ahead.  The following are three of my core beliefs that keep me energized day in and day out:

1. Organization is EVERYTHING!
I am constantly updating my calendar to be aware of important dates, and to have adqueate time to prepare for upcoming events.

Keeping my files in an organized fashion is extremely important as well. I need to have access to my student's files in a moments notice.   I do this by having a binder for each grade level.  Once I meet with a student I then create a folder for them, and hole punch that into the binder. This keeps everything organized and clearly labeled for easy access! I LOVE labels!

2. Marketing
My program is only as strong as I make it! I have to advocate for myself and my program ALL the time.  Since I am the only counselor at my school, I constantly have to communicate my mission to students, staff, adminstrators, and parents.  Stay tuned to find out how I do this...

3. When times get kind to yourself!
It is so easy to become overwhelmed. My motto is to do my very best, with the resources and skills that I have, ONE DAY AT TIME.  This saying keeps me grounded and gives me a sense of calm in a school counseling world that is often full of chaos.

What are your core beliefs?  What keeps you motivated?

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