Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Office Pics

Check out my carpet corner! How fabulous is that carpet!?! I purchased the chair and the pillows at the Christmas Shop for a BARGAIN price.  I am so excited to use this space for small groups! Students can grab a peace pillow to relax on while we read stories, play games, sing, etc.

Notice on the back wall, the "Making Good Choices" visual.  I love to refer to this when young students find themselves in a conflict and need to make a "good choice".  All I do is point to the wall, and ask which choice they would like to make!  On the side wall I display 10 PEACEFUL steps to take when in a conflict.  I use this poster with my older students.

What kind of visual/posters do you have in your office?  Do you find any more useful or effective then others?


  1. Love the rug! Where did you find it?

  2. Deanna-

    I purchased it through the School Specialty Catalog-check the link out above!

  3. Love love love the rug!! I have a how do you feel today poster that almost all of my elementary students like to use to say how they feel. Sometimes they even ask why certain other feelings aren't there!!!