Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goal Guru

One of my most important tasks in August is to set attainable goals for the coming school year.  I encourage my students to set goals, and I expect the same of myself. 

Goals help to keep me focused!  There are just SO many different projects and activities I would love to take on I could easily become overwhelmed and (gasp) end up getting nothing done. I find writing down specific goals and listing the steps I can take to achieve them helps to keep me centered and driven.

I will blog the successes and failures of my goals as the school year continues.

Goal 1: Organize a school wide Bucket Filling Campaign using Carol McCloud's Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Goal 2: Organize a community service project for my student leaders. 

Goal 3: Start an attendance incentive program.

Goal 4: Communicate via the internet with parents, staff, and other counselors.

What are your goals this school year? How do you stay focused and driven?

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